BBEdit 8.0 -- A Developer's Viewpoint
Subject:   The Document drawer
Date:   2004-12-21 17:52:38
From:   pjmm
This thing takes focus because it allows useful navigation: if you have, say, 10 documents in the drawer and wish to change to "" just use
option-tab to send focus to the drawer, then enter "s" or "sc" or whatever to focus on the required document. Hit return to start editing that thing. Much easier than 4 or more hits of the command-option-] combination. (Another nit re the document drawer: the up/down command keys should be cyclic.)

As always, the barrier to a new user is going to be the ever-burgeoning number of dollars required to purchase a first copy of BBEdit. Had I not been in on the ground floor I'm not sure I'd be ponying up the $US200 that they're now asking (that being said: every time there's a major upgrade I say "no more money for you guys", and then end up sending the cash in a month or two anyway...). Even the old trick of "cross-upgrading" from BBEdit-Lite or near neighbour seems to have been snatched away.

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