Giving the Simple Text Editor 'Legs'
Subject:   can't find Application Settings in Xcode
Date:   2004-12-22 01:32:46
From:   WurdBendur
Response to: can't find Application Settings in Xcode

Yes, these are the same thing. This is the signature, or creator code, that a program leaves on it's files to identify what program created it. You don't have to use rtfd here. You can use anything you want as long as it's no more than four letters (but only A-Z and a-z, no other characters).

This helps the Finder decide what program to use to open a file, if it's not already associated with one.

I haven't been able to get the application to work correctly, though. It will open only RTFD files that it creates. It opens others, but no text is displayed in the textView. When I try to open RTFD files created by another program, it gives me this message:

loadFileWrapperRepresentation:ofType: must be overridden if your document deals with file packages.

But I thought it was dealing with packages. I don't know anything about that method, though. I wonder if I set something else wrong. I added RTF and TXT to the file types, just set as viewer, so it can't save them. But when it open them, it doesn't show any text. Do I have to change something to make it handle these?