BBEdit 8.0 -- A Developer's Viewpoint
Subject:   Great for HTML/CSS, etc. But for anything else...?
Date:   2004-12-22 10:46:33
From:   wdnx

Meh... I never did figure out what the Mac community loved so much about BBEdit. I do agree that for serious HTML editing it's a very good solution, possibly the best thing out there (though for a guy like me who does bad XHTML for small personal sites, Taco Edit is a much more appropriate choice), and for editing text (as in prose), it's a pretty good tool, but nothing special.

However, when it comes down to editing general structured text (programming, *TeX, etc.) it lags pretty far behind most other editors. Hell, it wasn't until 8.0 that they made it feasible for users to create language plug-ins or to group multiple documents in one window (Yes, I knew it could be done in earlier versions, but it wasn't easy. Before v8.0, you had to write your plug-ins/language modules in C -- and if I remember right you needed CodeWarrior to build the plug-in... I don't think you could use gcc, but I could be wrong on that point). Yep, for this kind of editing, there are many editors that outperform BBEdit (TextMate, SEE, Vim, emacs, etc.) -- and without that crazy, insane price-tag...

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  1. Great for HTML/CSS, etc. But for anything else...?
    2004-12-22 12:22:10  macfandave [View]

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