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  BBEdit 8.0 -- A Developer's Viewpoint
Subject:   Great for HTML/CSS, etc. But for anything else...?
Date:   2004-12-22 12:22:10
From:   macfandave
Response to: Great for HTML/CSS, etc. But for anything else...?

The price has exploded in the past few years -- I remember being thankful that I was able to upgrade to 7 because I thought its new user price tag was outrageous. The new user price for v. 8 is stunning. Remember, most of the people who rave about BBEdit are long-time users who got in while it was an outstanding value. So much for "Bare Bones."

Also, in Mac OS 9 and before, there weren't so many options for Mac users. BBEdit was really a star back then.

I am thankful that Thorsten Lemke, the creator of Graphic Converter, hasn't taken the same approach to pricing his product that is one of the other gems of the Mac universe.