Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations?
Subject:   JBoss J2EE Certification valuable to Sun
Date:   2001-11-28 07:22:32
From:   ctgerrard
It would be instructive for Sun to be reminded that the future of Java resides squarely in the hands of those people who use it.
Every successful language/platform has become so only through use.
One of Java's early attractions was its "free" cost; download, code, and go. (Microsoft also used the low cost & ease of use tactic to pollute and dominate the early language marketplace.)
Having JBoss available as a J2EE certified option
to developers lowers the "cost" - mental and financial - to the introduction to and adoption of Java. It also makes the use of EE level Java an easier "sell" in those circumstances where the $cost of commercial J2EE products is too much for an exploratory project.
In fact, I'm working on a new product for a large successful software company. Java, and nominally J2EE, we're using Tomcat (3.2-3.3) as our development environment, and targeting WebLogic for production. In doing so, we're not using any of Java's "industrial" EE features, bulding all sorts of persistence infrastructures and the like ourselves, at least in part because the initial project couldn't/didn't want to pay for WebLogic licenses.
To recap: Sun's interests in promoting Java as a (the leading) option in developing application for real organizations are only furthered by finding some way to assist JBoss in achieving J2EE certification.