SSH on Mac OS X for Worry-Free Wireless
Subject:   Works for me, after some effort
Date:   2001-11-28 09:34:33
From:   res
Response to: Works for me, after some effort

Since my key was putting localhost into the key I figured that would not
be a very helpful to identify a remote host...

I assume you mean by this that your public key file had something like
"username@localhost" at the end of the line. That is a comment, and it
does not matter or affect anything in any way. "Fixing" it was

After changing the hostname I figured it would be a good idea to
regenerate the server keys before generating my personal keys.

Also unnecessary; the server host keys have no connection with the
hostname, except inasmuch as they are associated with hostnames in various
known-hosts lists.

Then after I generated my personal key and uploaded it as the filename as
in the article it started to work for me.

See my earlier post here; you may not want to leave things this way, as
anyone who steals your laptop will have easy access to your remote

Richard Silverman