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Subject:   Small problem, with solutions and question
Date:   2004-12-23 12:34:42
From:   puck71
This is a great script, and I used it pretty much exactly as written (with the corrections for the TAB key and numpad entries)

The only problem I ran into is if I typed in a value longer than the value in the select element. For instance, I had a dropdown of all two digit numbers (01-99 sorted ascending) and if I typed "444" fast enough (before the timeout ran out) it would select "45" in the list, and if I typed "4444" it would select "40", and if I kept typing "4" before the timer ran out it would keep alternating between 40, 44, and 45. You can see this in action by just holding down the "4" key.

I found two solutions, depending on the desired result. If I wanted to just plain stop people from entering more than 2 digits, I replaced
typeAheadInfo.accumString += newChar;
if (typeAheadInfo.accumString.length < 2) { typeAheadInfo.accumString += newChar; }

This has some drawbacks - namely that if you mess up you have to wait until the timeout clears to start re-entering your date. The other solution I found is to keep the LAST two digits I entered, rather than the FIRST two. To do that, I left the above line alone, and inserted this right after it:
if (typeAheadInfo.accumString.length > 2) { typeAheadInfo.accumString = typeAheadInfo.accumString.substr((typeAheadInfo.accumString.length - 2), 2); }

Obviously the script is now no longer general, as my 2-character limit is hard-coded in. Is there a better way to solve the original problem I had?


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