SSH on Mac OS X for Worry-Free Wireless
Subject:   SSH Problem with Instructions
Date:   2001-11-28 13:58:11
From:   cochella
Response to: SSH Problem with Instructions

No; this is the convention used by the SSH server from HREF=""> It will not work with OpenSSH
(which is what you say is running on the server). And if the server
were, you would need to convert the key format in any

On the remote server there is OpenSSH and I was using the wrong convention; I did not realize there were different conventions--silly. The server OpenSSH version is: openssh-2.2.0p1-2

So, I have changed conventions to thosethat your article describes: using .ssh with an authorized_keys2 file with the public key in this file on the remote machine.

After making these changes I still only get password authentication:

[localhost:~/.ssh] cochella% ssh -2 -l chris -i /Users/cochella/.ssh/identity's password:
Last login: Wed Nov 28 15:01:07 2001 from
[chris@server1 cochella]$

As suggested I am trying to do version 2 with the switch "-2"

So, I do not understand what the problem is?

Any further advice would be most helpful.



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