Nested Classes, Part 1
Subject:   inner class
Date:   2004-12-30 00:53:13
From:   khairun
public class PublicInnerClassAccess {
public static final void main(final String[] args) {
MonitorScreen screen = new MonitorScreen( );
MonitorScreen.PixelPoint pixel = PixelPoint(25, 40);
System.out.println(pixel.getX( ));
System.out.println(pixel.getY( ));
Dear sir
I got the above code from your books. with the line "public static final void main(final String[] args) {" is generating an runtime error with the 'final' keyword between "public static final void main". i would like to know, should i use any other technic to run the above code or why it is not running properly. if i remove the final keyword from that place it runs ok.
thanking you
Khairun Afroz.