An Introduction to WebObjects
Subject:   problem fixed
Date:   2004-12-31 06:13:25
From:   Florijan
Response to: Direct to Web java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Application error

Managed to fix my problem. I went through the XCode 1.5 documentation and saw that they had an issue with generating D2W projects, by not placing two java classes in their proper place. After changing that in my projects I now can get what the tutorial says i should get. Maybe now i can continue learning...

Thanks for your assistance,

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  1. problem fixed
    2006-12-09 23:32:02  dbsurf [View]

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      2006-12-10 08:55:41  Josh Paul | O'Reilly Author [View]

      • problem fixed
        2006-12-11 08:36:58  dbsurf [View]

    • Josh Paul photo problem fixed
      2006-12-10 08:55:17  Josh Paul | O'Reilly Author [View]

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    2005-05-17 08:01:11  janiceC [View]

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      2005-05-17 08:14:16  janiceC [View]

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