Cat Fight in a Pet Store: J2EE vs. .NET
Subject:   .NET vs Java is bigger issue than just code
Date:   2001-11-29 19:35:33
From:   fernieds
The article Cat fight in a Pet store that you wrote was awesome. Pardon my Gen X enthusiasm. But it seems that the cat fight is in fact a bigger issue than just code.

It is clear that microsoft is not offering anything new or improved with .NET. to the
development community. It can also
be argued in fact that the motive of Microsoft is not produce a better widget.

The motive of microsoft is to repackage open standards as a Microsoft product
to be marketed to masses who are not educated in such matters for the purpose of perpetuating what has been legally declared a monopoly.

Micosoft wants to use its 95% of market share as leverage to create a monopoly
of a different form. Microsoft is not interested in the advancement of the
Computer Sciences or open standards. It is interested in Gestapo marketing tactics to make money from Computer Illiterate masses that comprise the market space they occupy.

Unfortunately most people are not concerned with how the internet works, they only care
that it works as Microsoft has conditioned them for it to work.

This will come unfortunately at the expense of those who are true to what good
coding practice is all about.

It is up to the open source community to expose .NET for what it is, a cheap rip off
of existing standards. If it gets a death grip on the internet and eventually
becomes coupled with windows based APIís, things will be grim.
I must pause, what a scary thought that was.

The technical detail of your article is greatly appreciated, it has verified
my suspicion with facts.

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