Weblog:   FedEx doesn't deliver
Subject:   FedEx Sucks
Date:   2005-01-01 15:55:53
From:   larocca6
Response to: FedEx Sucks

They really suck!! We had a shipment sent ground on 12/27/04 and received the confirmation and tracking from FEDEX with a delilvery date of 12/29/04. We checked it the morning of the 29th to see that it was in our nearest hub at 5:30am and expected it to be deilvered that day. No such luck!! Without making an attempt to even put it on the truck and deliver it they update it with "cannot locate recipient". No duh, you stupid morons...if you actually tried to deliver you would have found me!! After several calls with the same script of "it was an address error" I got fed up. It's the same dang address you deliver to every other week!!!! How can it be wrong when your own email you sent me had the same correct address?? They assured me that a message would be sent to the hub to make sure it would be on the truck next day. The 30th came and went and no truck again. The 31st updated to show it was now on the truck and out for delivery. Yeah!! Oooppsss I spoke too soon..remember this is FEDEX we're talking about. At about 8PM I called again to find out where my package was now only to be told they deliver even later if they have too. Well, at 8AM the next morning the website still showed out for delivery...that's one heck of a route they gave that guy or he's on some serious uppers to keep his shift going. Either way, it's New Year's Day and they don't deliver today, tomorrow or even Monday since it's home delivery. So now I get to wait almost a week past the day they said I'd have it...that's if they manage to somehow miraculously find the box, get it on the right truck and the driver heads in a northerly direction towards my house and accidentally finds my street. When it absolutely, positively has to be there on time....use UPS! Have a great day!

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