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  Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   sports photos
Date:   2005-01-02 02:03:09
From:   holloB
hello to all! i use sony digital camera DSCP 100 - 5MP and i have hard time taking good indoor sport pictures, like bowling or squash..
There is either to much motion on pictures or they apear to dark, usually objects are not in flash range.
i would apreciate any tips/advices

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    2005-08-09 21:31:33  fhotoace [View]

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    2005-01-12 10:51:36  Greg63376 [View]

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      2005-01-12 11:29:56  Greg63376 [View]

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        2005-01-16 18:34:54  underworld [View]

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