Jini: Out of the Bottle and Into the Box
Subject:   Java + Jini + Rio
Date:   2005-01-03 08:27:37
From:   aramallo
It is interesting to add for the JINI-unsavvy that this proposition is almost exclusively a Product/Marketing decision and not something the Sun engineers must solve out. Moreover JERI, the new RMI has been developed by the JINI team and already been integrated in the JAVA 5.0

There is also a project based on JINI that I wanted to mention.
It is called the RIO Project.
I think RIO could be part of the needed "out-of-the-box" experience. RIO provides a container for JINI services that can enormously simplify development and deployment.

Imagine now that every JVM is a JINI Service Bean Container so that can dynamically be instructed to download code from the net and deploy the associated service. Now that is the fabric for the new Desktop: the grid-enabled, collaborative & distributed desktop.

PS:By no means I am saying that JINI needs a container, I guess Brian Murphy and the rest of the hard working JINI team members at SUN would not like that idea to be formed.
Also in order to make this post quick I had oversimplified the description of RIO

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