BBEdit 8.0 -- A Developer's Viewpoint
Subject:   I'm staying on 7.1
Date:   2005-01-03 11:19:07
From:   jocknerd
I bit the bullet and shelled out $140 for BBEdit 7 last year. After looking at what version 8 has to offer, I've decided I'm not paying anymore. 7.1 offers me almost everything I want. The one feature I was looking for in 8 isn't there. I wanted Subversion support since I switched my Versioning System at home and work from CVS to Subversion. BBEdit added some commercial versioning system support but no Subversion. So I'll stay on 7.1.

Their pricing has gotten way out of line. $200 for an editor? Come on. If I hadn't purchased 7 at $140 last year, I'd be using Vim full-time now.