Implementing Hardware RAID on FreeBSD
Subject:   Great article...
Date:   2005-01-03 14:20:08
From:   jbd
I understood everything except this:

mount -r /dev/da0s1a OLD
mount -r /dev/da0s1e OLD/var
mount -r /dev/da0s1f OLD/tmp
mount -r /dev/da0s1g OLD/usr
mount -r /dev/da0s1h OLD/usr/home
Next, I mounted the new filesystem.

mount /dev/da0s1a NEW
mount /dev/da0s1e NEW/var
mount /dev/da0s1f NEW/tmp
mount /dev/da0s1g NEW/usr
mount /dev/da0s1h NEW/usr/home

The device names seem to be the same in both. Shouldn't the OLD mount commands list the OLD hard drives? That threw me for a loop.

Otherwise great job! I understood the article, even as a relative newcomer to UNIX and FreeBSD, and am hoping to implement some of the concepts on a fileserver I am setting up.

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  1. Great article...
    2005-01-03 16:58:02  danlangille [View]

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