Weblog:   The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy: Nine Reasons Why It's Bogus
Subject:   Gmail
Date:   2005-01-04 15:10:37
From:   tanpantsman
I have Gmail and I love it. I got an invitation from a friend @ school. It works great!! I also have email accts through other services including hotmail, netscape, wispertel (ISP), and yahoo. Gmail is by far the best. There is nothing to complain about, NO spam whatsoever and if I hadn't read the descriptions of Gmail before using it, I wouldn't have noticed the ads, and I am a pretty observant person. Gmail is friendly to use and the help works great. Not to mention, you cannot send or receive viruses with it because gmail filters .exe files, which most viruses are written in. That is the single drawback, if you wanted to send a .exe file, like an application that changed your buddy icon, it wouldn't send it. So use your AOL account to send it. Or have your friend get it themselves or even guide them to the right spot over the phone. Another thing. A lot of my friends use Gmail, and i've never heard one complaint about Gmail from them.
But the point is this: Banning Gmail is riduculous!! Gmail is far better than any other email service. So thats my opinion, if you have used Gmail, you would think the same.

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