Building a Scratch Pad with Cocoa
Subject:   apostrophe become capital O with tilde
Date:   2001-11-30 21:00:20
From:   psheldon
I have Acrobat PDFWriter and using netscape communicator 4.75 in os 9 clicked on print button to get rid of web page pagination and have a single page to print through this driver into a pdf file. I seemed (erroneously) to have a font deficit in both os 9.1 and os x Acrobat Reader that substitutes this capital O with tilde for the apostrophe that can be seen on the web page.
Then again, I thought it might be my old netscape version that was at fault. It takes two for interapplication miscommunication.
I tried Internet Explorer 5 in os 9 and the apostrophe was depicted correctly in the pdf file though the save as ... dialogue box was screwed up and even though I typed in a name, the pdf file got renamed desktop.
So, pdf writers beware and take your choices to get your prices and prizes.
Happy the article is in!
Happy graduation in two weeks.