A Primer for Accessible Web Pages
Subject:   readable version of the guidelines?
Date:   2001-11-30 21:11:37
From:   kalinin

putting those guidelines into writing by a government agency certainly puts more weight to our cries for better accessibility.

I manage several university websites and train new webmasters in the correct usage of HTML, CSS, SSI etc. Now that those regulations are out it would be a great time for me to make them a requirement for any webpage I have any say over. The problem is only: I can not expect anybody to read dozens of pages of tightly spaced text without any examples, colors or figures.

So here is a question: is there a version readable by somebody who does not have more than one hour time to read and understand it? A page so I can tell people: "Go to that page, read it and implement their recommendations"?

I know just such pages, for instance, but none that would command as much authority as a government standard.