Road Testing the PowerBook Ti 667
Subject:   Trackpad advice, from a veteran.
Date:   2001-11-30 23:55:03
From:   sixcolors
One of the greatest things about the Mac track pad is how well the click and click-drag functions of the track pad work (Like tapping the pad not the button) by not using the button you can gain quite a bit of speed and versitility. Turn them on in the control panel... Click twice fast to drag!!! Also know how the pointer jumps across the screen when you two finger it... Comming from a windows world (or an un-adventureous mac one) this can seam to be a bad thing, but try this... Mouse on the top right need to click on something in the bottom left? Place one finger in the top right on the track pad QUICKLY place the other finger in the bottom left while at the same time lifting the first finger... Now you see how good it can be :)

I still don't have one (STARVING STUDENT COMPLEX) but I have saved up most of it and will buy one after the next notebook favored conferance (MWToyko)