True Stories of Knoppix Rescues
Subject:   Generic Laptop, XP recovery
Date:   2005-01-05 23:08:11
From:   sootmann
I had a white-box laptop with unknown components and a hosed Windows installation. I had to reinstall Windows and most things went fine but I had no idea what type of video card was in it. Windows will not automatically update the video driver if it already has a 'suitable' driver, in this case, generic VGA. I booted knoppix and issued 'lspci' which lists all the PCI (and related, i.e. AGP) devices. From this, I found it was a certain flavor of ATI card so I booted back into Windows, downloaded and installed the driver, and the laptop went from 640x480x16 colors to 1024x768x16.7Mcolors. I also used Knoppix and 'scp' to copy all the files from a spyware-infested WinXP box to a Mac OS X box.

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