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Subject:   Subversion cannot handle ~100 MB files
Date:   2005-01-07 15:52:28
From:   joeyh
Response to: Subversion cannot handle ~100 MB files

As a computer programmer, I don't generally edit large files. While I do have several gigabytes of data in svn, it's in hundreds of thousands of small files, with a large file being on the order of 5 or 10 mb. With this workload I find svn to be reasonably fast, even if I'm doing an update of my entire home directory. These is some overhead compared to rsync, but I can live with that.

Anyway, I did some benchmarking here with 200 mb files containing random data, and it takes me 11 minutes to check such a file in locally to a repository checked out with file://, 10 minutes to check such a file out over svn+ssh:// to a remote machine over 802.11b wireless, 9 minutes to scp the same file over the same link, and 7 minutes to check it out locally. These don't seem to match your numbers, but then you're using the http:// protocol which is probably much less efficient and anyway the network operations appeared bandwidth/disk-bound to me.

Hope this helps, but you can probably get better information on subversion scalability with larger files on one of the subversion mailing lists.

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  1. Subversion cannot handle ~100 MB files
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