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Subject:   Subversion cannot handle ~100 MB files
Date:   2005-01-08 06:59:16
From:   sanchonevesgraca
Response to: Subversion cannot handle ~100 MB files

Large files are an issue also for programmers: consider the scenario of checking out large project dependencies such as libraries. The HTTP protocol is widely used by Subversion projects, since it allows connection to repositories through firewalls. So the limitation I pointed out is not a minor problem. The long checkout times I observed occurred over HTTP in internet and intranet connectivity so the limitation was not because of the network bandwidth nor can it be explained by the HTTP protocol. I also noticed that the svn client would, after about ten minutes, take all the computer processor capability and the transfer speed would be quite small (~5 KBps). I do not know the internals of the Subversion checkout implementation, but these observations suggest that the design does not scale up to this file size. Others have encountered this limitation (see

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  1. Subversion cannot handle ~100 MB files
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