Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   Panther issue
Date:   2005-01-08 22:49:17
From:   jxpx777
I don't know if anyone is still reading this, but since I was using it, I thought others might also.

I was having an issue with implementing SSI in my system and then I realized that my file does not look like the <Director> tag that is used in the tutorial because it is separated out by comments. Mine says <Directory "/Library/Webserver/Documents">
Then there are seven lines of comment before the Options line. This was tripping me up before because I found one section of the code that looked like what was posted but then I realized it had /manual as well. Now, after a sudo apachectl graceful, it works.


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  1. Panther issue
    2005-02-27 15:11:54  turbo-gi [View]

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