True Stories of Knoppix Rescues
Subject:   Knoppix + cd burner and/or usb drives
Date:   2005-01-10 20:26:18
From:   madnashy
Response to: Knoppix + USB pen drive

I have my box set up with 2x ide removeable hard drives, a dvd rom, cd writer and net card. I have used knoppix as a disposable net surfing tool (no worries about spyware and viruses if I plan to visit dodgy sites), and for data backup (via usb drive and by cd-rom) I usually boot via my dvd drive so I can use the cd burner to backup all data. as an altenrative I sometimes use a blank HDD with fat32 as a backup if I'm retrieving data off a damaged windows install. so I have found knoppix useful for risky net surfing, data backup, media playing, file maintenance (deleting virus files, etc). soon I'll have a HDD with knoppix installed to make better use of other apps like Kmail with has some cool features I rarely see in other email apps.
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