Panther Maintenance Tips
Subject:   prebinding beachball!
Date:   2005-01-12 07:08:47
From:   zestyman
I've just used the excellent Panther Maintenance advice, but have hit a bit of a brick wall, can you help??

(using PowerMac G4 1.25 DP mirror-doors)

1. Norton Uninstalled.
2. Booted off Panther Install CD, ran Disk First Aid - Repair Disk twice (hardly any fixes needed)
3. Restarted HD and repaired permissions.
ok so far.
4. Launched Terminal
> sudo periodic daily
> sudo periodic weekly
> sudo periodic monthly
>sudo update_prebinding -root / -force
problems begin:
BEACH BALL kicks in half way through prebinding
long wait, but no choice but to hard restart
and cannot get past White Boot Screen (with grey Apple)
6. tried resetting PRAM
no change
7. booted of install CD, Disk First Aid
no change on restart
8. tried resetting PRAM again
9. Booted into "Safe Boot" mode
no change
10. Booted into "Verbose" mode
here's what stood out:
"apple CPUThermo couldn't parse platform functions
load of /sbin/mach_init, errno 8, trying /etc/mach_init
load of /etc/mach_init failed, errno 2"

11. Booted off PantherCD
tried Archive and Install (Preserve settings etc...)
Disc 1 hung up at 85% of intall!!! BEACHBALL)
Despair set in...

Do you have any advice?
Both beachball interruptions - are they a sign of a hardware issue?
Did the hang during the Terminal prebinding do serious damage, even though the DiskFirstAid can't find any problems?

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