Results from the Second 2004 ONJava Reader Survey
Subject:   No JBuilder again
Date:   2005-01-13 07:53:33
From:   invalidname
Response to: No JBuilder again

It was among the provided responses to the question in the poll, it just wasn't a top response-getter, so it doesn't appear in this write-up.

This "talking" style of summary doesn't lend itself well to iterating over every response to every question. As it turns out, IntelliJ was fourth with 16%, "other" combine together for 13% (but I suppose that doesn't really count, since its like all the votes for minor players combined together... more fair to split them out as 0.8% for VS.NET, 0.4% for XCode, etc.). JBuilder at 11% comes after IntelliJ, ahead of JEdit by 4 votes (also with 11%), and ahead of WebSphere (10%) by 7 votes. Also, add this text to the IDE write-up above and you'll see why we don't cover every response to every question... all the numbers get really boring after a while.

Looking purely at the numbers, JBuilder is in the middle of the pack and since our write-up needed to be more concise than just dumping the data into html table tags, we chose to only highlight a few top responses on each question.


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  1. No JBuilder again
    2005-01-13 08:42:35  jpmcgrath [View]

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