Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   Good Article
Date:   2005-01-13 16:18:25
From:   meika
What file sharing means is that the distinction between the product and the marketing of the product is now blurred.

The file sharing is the market, one may hear about a new hot thingo, but one can be aware of what is popular through the 'vote' of the number of downloads/copies available for a song, movie, application...

One downloads something new, one tries it out, one decides, likes, rejects the whole of it, not just the advert or a demo...

The product is the advert, the advert is the product, the only marketing left will be the invisibe marketing of cute chick paid to chat loudly in bars about some new band... easily to avoid if you avoid the bar/clubs marketers think peope hang out in.

the product is the advert, the advert is the product

the symbol has become the symbolised, the signifier is now one with the signified

that sort of chaos will really scare corporates who live by marketing the difference between the the product and he advert

what will happen to the "brand" I wonder??