Mock Objects in Unit Tests
Subject:   Why should I use this instead of JMock?
Date:   2005-01-13 19:50:40
From:   lujian213
Response to: Why should I use this instead of JMock?

You don't need to use Mocquer instead of JMock.

JMock is a mock tool parallel with EasMock. They were both based on JDK's Proxy when they released their first version. With the help of CGLIB project, they have extentions to support mock class.

JMock has a JMock-CGLIB extention. And EasyMock has a EasyMock Class Extention.

Mocquer is based on Dunamis project instead of CGLIB. It tries to follow the usage of EasyMock.

There is not much difference for the test case writer because the purpose of these mock tools is almost the same. So you need not to change to another mock tool if you feel comfortable with your current tool.