Use Your Digital Camera with Linux
Subject:   Managing your images - when you have thousands of images
Date:   2005-01-13 22:52:46
From:   blackie
Congrats with you new camera. Once you've had it for a few month, you will start saying the following sentence over and over again "I know I have an image of person X, but I can't remember where"

Sorting your images in directories has the problem, that it is far from easy finding an image with say a given person, a specific set of persons etc.

For that purpose you may wish to have a look at KimDaBa. It allows you to annotate your images and later use this annotation to find any specific image.

I have more than 5000 images now, and I'm always willing to bet that I can find any image in my collection within less than 10 seconds.

(Text written with ultra small: I'm the author of KimDaBa btw :-)