Building a Simple Java Application in Mac OS X
Subject:   package problem
Date:   2001-12-05 11:23:52
From:   patrickr
When I try to compile with the statement
package NineSquares;
at the top of the files compiles
but when I try to compile
here is what I get

[localhost:~] patrickr% javac NineSquares/
NineSquares/ cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class EachSquare
location: class NineSquares.MainFrame
getContentPane().add(new EachSquare());
1 error
[localhost:~] patrickr%

When I remove the line

package NineSquares;

All is well and the files all compile and I can complete the application.

It seems that I cannot make packages on my setup.
I am using masosx.1 on an imac with developers tools x.1 installed.