Screenshot Hacks for Mac OS X
Subject:   screencapture
Date:   2005-01-14 10:48:42
From:   ph1r3d09
does anyone know, if it is possible, how to change the file format from the command line?

I realize this can be done through the gui using the export function in preview. However, I'd like to automate a web-accessable screenshot using a shell script launched via a cron job. So, I'd prefer a format with a typically smaller memory footprint than PDF to keep the bandwidth requirements down. Also, I'd prefer a format easily viewed by most browsers, such as jpg, png, or gif So, my question is, does anyone know how to change the file format for the screencapture command? can it even be done? Used to be able to change the preferred format in puma.

I can actually roll my own in java, but, i was wondering if anything already exsisted in Jaguar or greater.