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Subject:   begging for help
Date:   2005-01-14 12:14:54
From:   Cal
Hi anyone.
I have just started a project that will involve wifi access for a small housing development. The units are approx 20 miles from any decent size town so getting decent access is out of the question without some output for wifi. Several folks out here have tried the DirecWay satelite fiasco only to be ripped off for around 500 dollars a head and still not decent internet.
We have decided to try to install some type of wifi or other and are desperately seeking info on what we will need, how much it will cost and if it is available if Virginia. We live outside of Vinton, Va in Bedford county.
There will be approx 40 houses that will be in on this project. Houses are already being lived in so we are ready to roll.
What we are looking for is some help on contacts for a project like this or some place to get the info we need to do it ourselves. If you have ever tried to get info from the web on this you will see how frustrating it is to get what you actually need.
If anyone can help us with any info we will be eternally grateful.
Please contact me at if you can help or give me any info.
Looking forward to hearing from anyone.
Thanks in advance for any consideration.

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  1. begging for help
    2005-05-06 13:55:13  jj47 [View]

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