Frank Serafine: Turning Elephants into Explosions
Subject:   Sound design
Date:   2005-01-18 15:59:45
From:   2K
I've had the pleasure of working for Mr. Frank Serafine at his privious post facility in Venice Ca, and Also in Malibu Ca. Frank has always been an inovator to the trade using outside the circle technics and also being very open minded to other suggestions. Frank Serafine, his studio manager Frank Gomez, and myself recorded a skateboarding session at Upland skatepark in Ca, using a 5.1 Tamura field mixer and a G4 Laptop that all ran from his car battery. I filmed the session with my DV CAM and ended up locking the 5.1 on FinalCut 4 Outputing to DVD with AC3 audio that same day. Talk about QUICK! True 5.1 files straight to the hard disk. Very Cool.