Using the Observer Pattern in .NET
Subject:   Binary Coded Decimal clock
Date:   2005-01-18 16:58:26
From:   michaelgweier
Response to: Binary Coded Decimal clock

Thanks for the note. I think one could consider even a watch set up as you describe to be a little bit decimal, as well. I would imagine that a binary clock in its most pure form binary clock would contain a single row of sixteen lights, which would count seconds since midnight. Now that would be a trick to read.

This code could be pretty simply modified to demonstrate a watch as you describe. Adding an additional couple of base two factors on top of the existing ones factors in the light control, and setting up each column to read as SecondsOnes, MinutesOne, and HoursOnes would give you the basic setup that would mimic your watch.

Thanks for the feedback. I hope you enjoyed the article!

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  1. Binary Coded Decimal clock
    2005-01-18 23:18:17  MarcHenriPoget [View]

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