Weblog:   Mac mini - the "just enough" computer
Subject:   I disagree
Date:   2005-01-19 07:29:02
From:   mattyarbrough
I don't think it is a "test" box. I'm replacing my 2 Ghz Athlon box (1G RAM, 100G HD, DVD burner, 64M Radeon) with a Mac Mini. Granted I threw some upgrades at it (got the 1.42 Ghz, 512M RAM, superdrive), but not a lot.

It's slightly more powerful than my current Mac, a 14" 133 Ghz iBook, and I had no trouble making a DVD of my daughter's first year on that. Aside from web surfing, graphic design, and java and python coding, my primary use of computers is for music. I expect this will handle GarageBand just fine. I may have to shell out down the road for a 1Ghz stick of memory, but that's not bad at all.

I see this as a primary machine for anyone who isn't a serious FPS gamer or video producer.