Building a Scratch Pad with Cocoa
Subject:   NSBezier subclass creation set with no get accessor
Date:   2001-12-09 07:06:48
From:   psheldon
Response to: NSBezier subclass for ColoredPath

I would make a method to create a ColorPath with an NSColor value which would assign an internal NSColor value and retain it within the object instantiation initialization which would also perform the inherited function. Then, I would override the stroke function to include the NSColor set for the current environment.
I am not clear with the "fuzzy typing" whether I could make a subclass of ColorPath be ColorPaths because of my narrow focus on the methods of NSBezierclass. Apple didn't do this in sketch, so I think it would be too much of a stretch for me to try to do.

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  1. works but with warning (short code eg.)
    2001-12-10 09:24:48  psheldon [View]

    • got rid of warning with accessor and less self
      2001-12-11 10:15:44  psheldon [View]

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