A RAW Look at iPhoto 5
Subject:   RE: Comparison to Picasa?
Date:   2005-01-20 14:14:49
From:   -RDM-
Response to: RE: Comparison to Picasa?

Thanks for the reply. My entire workflow is also on OS X, XP is merely a supplment to stay fresh in supporting family and friends and such (though I used to make a good living supporting Bill's empire).

For the benefit of all the iLife'05 apps, I'll buy it. I am especially interested in iPhoto 5, so again, thanks for the "review".

It would be nice to hear from others on Picasa 2. I know Pogue has a blurb on it and iPhoto - he gives the editing edge to Picasa, fwiw.

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    2005-01-20 18:27:56  puggsly [View]

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