RSS and Tabbed Browsing in Safari, Firefox, and Camino
Subject:   Different tab implementations
Date:   2005-01-21 15:19:35
From:   bjelkeman
Safari and Mozilla/Firefox have two quite different implementations for closing the tabs. I am sure you are familiar with it: Moz/Ffox has one button to press, to the right side of the tab bar, which will close the currently active tab. Safari has one button to the left on each tab. Initially the Safari location seemed more logical. It followed the OS X paradigm with one close button up left for each window.

However, I find that I switch tabs often by clicking with the mouse on the tab. In Safari this often means that I often actually miss the allocated "click-area" and hit the close button and close the tab I wanted to view. Very annoying. The Moz/Ffox single button to the right works a lot better, as I don't click it by mistake and I can close several tabs quickly by clicking on the same place in succession. Try closing five tabs quickly on Safari and you will notice the difference.

Why do I use Safari? Because it syncs my bookmarks to my other Macs real easy. Just fix the tabs. ;)