Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   configuration httpd.conf
Date:   2001-12-10 12:08:53
From:   loren3
Response to: configuration httpd.conf

no doubt... i learned from this page that i had to type:


i had been frustrated that i was typing just http://<myip> and I was getting the apache default page even tho i had already replaced the index.html file in my ~/Sites/ folder.

so that clarified that much.

but what if you don't want to use your short name? how do you reconfigure it so that:

a) it goes straight to your user index.html file with http://myip (without having to build your site in the /Library/WebServer directory...)


b) create some kind of alias so that each user can have his/her own page but not necessarily use their short name to define it, as in:

http://myip/~animals (for the site owned by user "morbus") and http://myip/~cars (for the site owned by user "Joe")


also, is there ANY decent WYSIWYG html editor for OS X??

and... How do you use BBEDIT to create a simple go to blah link???? believe it or not I couldn't figure that out.

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