Weblog:   Tips for Installing iPhoto 5
Subject:   iPhoto 5
Date:   2005-01-22 10:46:42
From:   dave_flory
I got it installed just fine and started using it to look at photos and playing with the photo adjustment capabilities. I was astonished to find out that if I made any changes to an image and then moved on to another one that it automatically saved the image without asking me if I wanted to do so. Now this might be great for some, but if you fail to backup your images somewhere else than in iPhoto it seems that your original is automatically overwritten. looked for some way to prevent this but couldn't find it. Anyone know if I just missed it or this automatic saving a required part of iPhoto? If so I guess I'm back to Graphic Converter/PhotoShop Elements/Photo Studio.

Fair winds and happy bytes, Dave Flory

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