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  Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Perl and CGI.pm
Date:   2001-12-10 14:07:08
From:   cochella
Response to: Perl and CGI.pm

I would like to see info on using CPAN to install CGI.pm, libnet.pm, and DBI/DBD.

I have tried to do this and gotten stuck because the OSX Perl install is "non-standard" according to the CPAN module.

Also, with respect to PHP it would be nice to see some info on compiling PHP with different options (MySQL, PDF, XML, DOM,...) for different user/virtual host directories.

I hope this helps guide the future.

Good article! Clear, concise and it works. Many articles do not workout.


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  1. Perl and CGI.pm
    2002-01-13 11:39:55  dtr [View]

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