Weblog:   The Right Term is Copyright Infringement
Subject:   I've invented a matter replicator
Date:   2005-01-24 10:32:18
From:   GinEric
Response to: I've invented a matter replicator


Sheet music and lyrics will now also be encoded for tracking. The same type of codes as ISRC can, and soon will, be employed by Internet Websites to track the use of their Copyrighted content.

By the way, sheet music publishers suffered most from the advent of radio, not Xerox. The sheet music publishers were at least fair, splitting the profits 50/50. Radio, in the beginning, under an Italian and three Russian Generals "the Brothers Sarnoff and Mr. Paley, aka, ABC, NBC, and CBS, all under Marconi's, Edison's, Bell's control via the MPA and other illegal organizations, did not pay for music. Why? They were cheap! Skinflints! And none of these inventors can actually claim the devices they said they invented! In short, they were really good con men.

Unlike the American print publisher. Who, having a tradition of American Heritage [unlike the foreignors above] and Fairness, paid the author half of the profits for the right to publish them.

The Sarnoff's, Paley's, Marconi's, Edison's, and Bell's are gone, thank God, and maybe now we can fix that other crooked office, the U.S. Patent Office.

Meanwhile, around the early 1900's, movies and radio started up. By 1927 both the movies and the radio were stealing not only from songwriters, but also from some of the old movie companies in New York City and the East Coast. The whole idea of setting up movie lots in Hollywood was to bootleg film and music and not pay any royalties to the people who had created them on the East Coast. Nor to pay for the use of patented equipment.

Television came along, LP's, cassettes, even CD's and DVD's and Hollywood is still stealing from the creators of music, stories, whatever they can get.

But it all goes back to the early movie lots of Hollywood and their desire not to pay artists. The sheet music publisher was the last honest publisher this country knew of.

Had the movie industry dealt fairly, none of the writers would be complaining. However, not just songwriters, but people like Moses [Charleton Heston] have had to take on these Hollywood and Beverly Hills moguls for their acts of theft. SAG and the Directors Guild have had a hell of a time fighting the crooked lawyers of Los Angeles, New York City, and Nashville. These are the same types that hired Pinkertons to put down strikes by shooting and killing people. They are no less scum than that. Most of the movie moguls are Organized Crime Syndicate Members. That is were most of the dirty money gets laundered, through the untouchables in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Some, like Meyer Lansky, preferred Miami over Hollywood, but the current ranking Russian Jewish Mafia that controls the movie industry prefers the pomposity of richness which they never knew in their native U.S.S.R.

Think I'm joking or I don't know what I'm talking about? Look up their dossiers under the Freedom of Information Act.

Am I trying to start a war? Yes I am.

Mr. Claymore, who doesn't live too far from me, needs to sell some hardware, doesn't he?