Designing Tapestry Mega-Components
Subject:   I think it's great
Date:   2001-12-11 19:32:03
From:   tomdavies
Tapestry is a bit less 'linear' than JSP -- with JSP you start off with a page of HTML, and add bits of Java and a few tags as you go.

Tapestry requires that you understand a little more to start with. The complexity (in terms of the number of things you need to configure for a page) is roughly the same order as struts, *but* the usability is an order of magnitude greater.

Creating components (roughly the equivalent of custom tags in JSP) is easier too.

The error reporting and the Inspector have to be seen to be believed!

The icing on the cake is that the documentation is also very good.

Can you move it to jakarta? It would raise its profile.