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  Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Installing Rails
Date:   2005-01-25 05:48:44
From:   APC
This Ruby Gems thing looks very good in theory but doesn't work for me as it keeps timing out (errno:ETIMEDOUT). I assume this is because there is something about the --remote process that my company's firewall doesn't like. I have manually downloaded the Rails.zip but the install process still fails - it can't find a local copy of a rails*.gem file, so it starts up a remote process, which times out.

I have googled for installing Rails manually but everything just seems to say, "use Gems, it's that easy!" Well, I guess when it works, it's that easy.

This experience makes me dubious about the whole premise. The apparent benefit of Ruby is that it makes everything easy. So easy that there is apparently no need to document a harder way of doing the same thing. But, when that easy way doesn't work we're left stitched up like a kipper. Stupendous productivity savings in development times is no good if they are frittered away trying to install stuff.

Cheers, APC

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