Scripting Cocoa with F-Script
Subject:   Good work
Date:   2001-12-12 19:09:48
From:   tomldavis
F-script interests me because of the array features (I use MATLAB a lot) and because of its integration of Cocoa classes. It seems like an easy way to learn your way around the Cocoa environment, which I'm trying to do.

I do have two questions: How do you draw in a window using NSBezierPath? (My drawings always end up in the fs main window.) And can you execute a text file as a script or block?


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  1. Good work (better formated answer)
    2001-12-13 10:53:56  pmougin [View]

  2. Good work
    2001-12-13 10:45:40  pmougin [View]

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