Gmail Hacks
Subject:   It's about Gmail...but are these "hacks"?
Date:   2005-01-26 10:57:20
From:   NeuralizR
Response to: It's about Gmail...but are these "hacks"?

Yes, I actually find the name quite irritating, simple because it's marketing hype. With O'Reilly's new series of books "The Missing Manual" and "Hacks", apparently everything comes without a manual these days and now even the most basic tasks in software are considered hacks.

Sure got us to read the article looking for interesting bits of information though, didn't it? Hence marketing hype. >.> Finding nothing more than simple tasks that are easily afforded in the interface of gmail itself..... it's like the boy who cried wolf. Don't use an article name that gets someone interested in reading it only to find nothing related to the name of the article. ><;