How to Record a Podcast
Subject:   You're right about AIFF
Date:   2005-01-26 14:42:53
From:   eggboard
I should have mentioned recording to AIFF as an option. I wasn't able to tweak the settings in Audio Hijack Pro so that I could record directly to an MP3 that I could immediately post. Having not found the right magic there, AIFF is definitely the right way to go. It's bulky on a hard drive, but it's full quality and, as Jim points out, can be archived without any intermediate loss later.

If space is tight, record to MP3 at high quality and rip to lower -- this will save you room. But with 80 GB hard drives routinely available on a Mac and higher ones easy to get, I'd follow Jim's advice.


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  1. You're right about AIFF
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