The PHP Scalability Myth
Subject:   Plumber's Toolkit
Date:   2005-01-27 19:59:33
From:   gsasikumar
Response to: Plumber's Toolkit

I too agree with this statement but still languages are not physical tools as that exist in the real world and can be changed without any problem. Once you choose a language then you need to be in there for as long as u can make money and vice versa. That's how bussiness runs. Imagine a company which changes its application from java to PHP or vice versa. Will any company dare to do it. No the wont until it has been pushed on them. But a plumber can use a tool today and finish his job later get a new tool to do his job. But that would never ever hold good in the software industry. Its a sticky bussiness and the users need to sticy too.