A Custom JSP Tag Library for Dynamic Menus
Subject:   doubt regd. jdbcmenutag
Date:   2005-01-29 06:33:52
From:   vilpesh
Response to: doubt regd. jdbcmenutag

please goto this url as that may help u

as the code in dynamicmenu.js has been derived from above site.

My Problem:
I read "Custom JSP Tag Library for Dynamic Menus" and used, menu-example.war.But on using it & clicking on the Menu items i got the result page in the same frame, but i was using html frames and wanted to load the new page in another frame so after referring to website above & looking i just added target = "main" (main is the name of the target frame where the new page must get displayed), i just added that line in the function

function mitem_init()
'<a id="mi_' + + '_'
+ +'" class="m' + + 'l' + this.depth
+'o" href="' + this.fields[1] + '" target="main" style="position: absolute; top: '

hope some help to u


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